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Consultation to Explore Ideas

Step 1: We begin discussions with a potential customer at a no-cost consultation. Here, our most important job is to listen well and observe the landscape site. Our goal is to understand the customer’s objectives, preferences and budget so we’re prepared to create a custom plan that’s aligned with their vision and finances. This initial meeting is also intended to provide professional input regarding a realistic budget for the project and for us to provide some initial ideas. The meeting typically occurs at the landscape site and ideally we have a chance to walk the property with the customer. This allows us to get a feel for the terrain including soils, existing plants, irrigation, natural lighting and topography.


Proposed Design and Plan

Step 2: After the initial consultation, if there is a commitment to move forward, the landscape designer will sketch out a plan. This plan includes design details such as patterns, placement of any hardscapes or water features, irrigation, compatible plants and other features. The designer may present variations on the plan to give the customer more than one option. After discussing the sketch, the plan is either agreed upon or proposed modifications are noted. Budget is discussed at this point but pricing is still only as estimate. An actual bid price is provided once the plan is finalized.


Project Bid Price and Timeline

Step 3: After the landscape plan is approved, a detailed bid price is provided which outlines materials and labor costs. We also provide a proposed timeline and a target completion date. This timeline is an important communication tool since it outlines the milestone dates that keep the project on track. If issues such as weather arise that delay the project, or if the customer changes the plan, we communicate any impact to the schedule. We do plan some flexibility in the schedule for scheduling hiccups, but our business goal is to deliver projects on schedule 90% of the time.

ProScapes’ Crews at Work

Step 4: The biggest part of a landscape development process is the installation and construction work. At ProScapes, we measure team performance based on the efficiency of their work as well as quality. Once the work is complete, we follow-up to make sure the customer is happy. We consider the job finished only after we’ve created the outdoor experience we designed and committed to build.


Our process for starting property/yard maintenance is simple. One of our team members will visit the property and evaluate the size and topography in order to provide a price for ongoing maintenance. We also offer a free lawn assessment that measures the health of the lawn and can suggest additional services that a customer may consider. Maintenance service agreements typically require an annual contract but customers have a 30-day cancellation option for any issues with non-performance. Visit the Maintenance section for details on ProScapes’ property maintenance service.



EST. | 360-724-3220 | 2001